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Holiday Glam

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Come through with that holiday glam look when you make that glamorous night out with your girls.  This holiday glam collection is all about being extra and slaying the night away.  Step into these “red carpet” looks that is oh so queen goals!


Fire babe:

Get red hot lacey! This vibrant red lace over nude contrast is what makes this mini dress so unique.  Spice up this mini dress with a black faux fur coat for that bold baddie vibe. Whether you’re taking a stroll down the boulevard or making your way to that bash, this mini is definitely a crowd pleaser!


Plum babe:

Plum is making a comeback to today’s racks and we are proudly presenting this modern twist on the maxi. The gorgeous choker V-neckline and the elegant embroidered tulle skirt are the forte of this overall look.  The detail work on this piece is extraordinary. Wrap up this look with a pair of matching pumps and silver jewelry. The possibilities are endless!


Blush babe:

An absolute sexy and innocent look perfect for evening events and galas.  Throw on some faux fur with this glossy dress and you will create the ultimate Hollywood starlet outfit.  The ruffle slit in the skirt is what makes this dress so unique and the luster reflecting off the fabric.  


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